What is EAN?

Essential Access Network, LLC. further none as (EAN) is a Telemedicine Services Company. EAN independent affiliates sell the EAN services and related products via a Direct Sales business model. Everything being equal, all affiliates start at the same point and can achieve any rank they set their sights on overtime.


How do you make money with EAN?

EAN has developed a unique Rank-based Comp Plan that allows an IBO Affiliate to access the full earnings potential within the Comp Plan by personally recruiting three (3) directly sponsored customers. Visit the EAN Comp Plan explanation pdf for all the details on the exciting EAN Comp Plan here.


Is the EAN service considered insurance?

The EAN Telemedicine Service is NOT considered health insurance.


How much does it cost to join EAN?

EAN has four affordable plans for every budget.
Silver - is a 1 single person membership = $39.99 every 4 weeks
Gold - is a 1 single person membership + 1 other party = $59.99 every 4 weeks
Platinum is a family membership and up to 7 dependents = $69.99 every 4 weeks
Diamond is a family membership PLUS Counselling & Mental Health = $99.99 every 4 weeks


Is there an annual fee to be an affiliate of EAN?

Yes! There is a $50 annual fee to become an affiliate/IBO of EAN and a $19.99 fee every 4 weeks.


What % of sales needs to be retail customers in order to earn with the EAN comp plan?

As an active affiliate (Independant Business Owner or IBO) of EAN you are required to have 55% of retail customers in your organization to qualify to earn commissions with the EAN Comp Plan. If you dip below this % threshold, you will only earn on the total business volume that is qualified by the retail customers you do have.


Where can I sell the EAN service?

As an active affiliate of EAN you are able to sell EAN’s Services & related products globally, and to all countries that are not on the restricted list published by the US Government. For a list of these countries, Google “What are the restricted countries?”


How many dependents can I add to my EAN plan?

While the Gold Plan only lets you add +1 to your service plan, if you are on the Platinum or Diamond Plan you may add up to seven (7) dependents to your plan.


What is EAN’s support hours of operation?

EAN’s normal business hours are M-F 9am-6pm MST. However, for all inquiries and general support questions you may email us at support@essentialaccessnetwork.com


How can I access my EAN commissions?

EAN has set up an eWallet service for you to gain access to your posted commissions. Inside your EAN console you will see a dropdown in the top right corner under profile, look for the eWallet link there.


How often does EAN pay commissions?

There are 52 “Pay Cycles” in each calendar year. After the very 1st pay cycle (Friday 12:01am - Thursday 11:59pm) has completed, EAN will post commissions thirteen (13) days later for payment relating to the 1st pay cycle. After that 1st pay cycle, EAN will post on a weekly basis.


How many EAN sales do I need to have to start earning a commission?

As long as you remain active as an EAN affiliate, all you ever need to max out the EAN Comp Plan is three (3) active customers.


How does the “28 Day Challenge” work exactly?

At EAN we believe in rewarding everyone for their efforts, and we’re willing to put out some serious cash incentives to make your dreams come true. Check out the EAN Comp Plan here and see how you can put as little as $100 on up to $100,000.00 in your bank account in your 1st 28 days of launching your EAN enterprise. Remember, you only get one (1) chance to make your 28 Day Challenge count. The best advice we could give you under these circumstances…. Don’t sleep!!!


What does the EAN Marketing System cost?

Essentially, your EAN marketing system is included with your $19.99 every 4 weeks IBO fee. No added charges are tacked on to your affiliate fees for a marketing system.


Can I get a discount with EAN?

The only way to get a discount with EAN is to purchase a annual plan.


How do I cancel my subscription to EAN so my billing stops?

In order to cancel your EAN membership, please send an email to: support@essentialaccessnetwork.com


How do I contact the EAN eWallet support team if I have an issue?

You may contact the support team at our eWallet provider by sending them an email here: support@essentialaccessnetwork.com


Can I put my EAN account on hold?

As long as you pay your annual fee and are current with your activation status as an affiliate of EAN, sure you can place your account on hold (up to 1x per year). But, please understand that you will forfeit future commissions (if you are an IBO). Also, as it relates to the EAN Telemedicine Service, should you wish to place your account on hold there will be a $50 reactivation fee.


Where do I find my EAN sponsor information?

Your sponsor information is found in your Profile area on the top right hand corner of your console.


Does EAN guarantee I’ll make money with this business?

There is no way for EAN or any of its officers, employees, and especially its affiliates to guarantee any earnings at all. As a matter of fact it’s likely that you may make no money with the EAN service, that’s entirely up to you and your level of commitment and experience being an online marketer and business owner. EAN can only present the opportunity and all the requirements for your potential success, the rest is on you.


Am I required to make a purchase to earn commissions with EAN?

You are not required to purchase anything to earn commissions at EAN. As a matter of fact all Direct Sales companies must have a free entry option, so long as you pay the annual affiliate fee to be considered an active affiliate. We all know that in life being a product of the product is generally the 1st level of commitment, and it’s hard to look someone in the eye and say “while I didn’t buy this product… you should”. That my friend is an impossible sale to make. If you do choose to enter EAN without making a purchase, you will have to pass up 3 customers to your sponsor, and then you’ll be considered comp plan approved to earn commissions once you are past the pass up requirement and then make three (3) more sales to fully access the EAN Comp Plan.


Can I be a retail only customer without having to sell EAN products & service?

Absolutely! As a retail-only customer, you are not required to make any purchases at EAN If you choose, you may remain a retail customer and upgrade to an IBO at any time. Get with your sponsor for details on how to upgrade your account. (and even as just a customer you can always Refer 3, and yours is FREE!)

Here’s How It Works:


Connect with a doctor 24/7 by phone call or video chat


Consult with your doctor for as long as you need until your questions are answered and your health care concerns have been resolved.


If medically necessary, a prescription will be sent to your pharmacy or you will receive a referral.